2016 - How did it go?

The year 2016 is coming to an end (thank god…). 2016 was a difficult year. One of my goals for 2016 was to write more PowerShell code and to learn Python. I missed both goals. But hey, at least I cleaned up my Git account.I renewed my VCP by passing VCP6 in the first attempt, and I took the VCP7-DTM beta exam (no results yet). Since I am not the guy who attends conferences, I was not attending VMworld in Barcelona or HPE Discover in London. In fact: I was no at no conference or vendor roadshow, because I had an ass full of work.

Let’s look at some good things.

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My blog got round about 1/3 more page views than in 2015. That way my goal for 2016. I’m very happy about that. Thank you!

I definitely missed my goal to write more blog posts. As you can see, I have written a bit more than last year. But as long not as much as I wanted. I always have enough posts in my draft folder. But I’m constantly wondering if it is worth writing about this or that topic. I usually write about things that happen to me in the job. No product reviews, nothing about architecture or C-level things, less about development, design or how something works. Maybe that’s my problem. Let’s see if I can change this in 2017.

I constantly optimized vcloudnine.de in 2016. The result is quite good. Thanks to Eric Siebert for his input.

Patrick Terlisten/ vcloudnine.de/ Creative Commons CC0

Patrick Terlisten/ vcloudnine.de/ Creative Commons CC0

These are some of my most popular blog posts (according to Google). Fun fact: Only one is related to VMware and today obsolete.

  1. WSUS on Windows 2012 (R2) and KB3159706 – WSUS console fails to connect
  2. Load VMware PowerCLI snap-in automatically in PowerShell ISE
  3. Reset the HP iLO Administrator password with hponcfg on ESXi
  4. Users on Exchange 2013 can’t open public folders or shared mailboxes on an Exchange 2007/ 2010
  5. Replace HP iLO security certificates

I don’t want to make predictions for 2017. Let’s see how this blog will develop.