DataCore SANsymphony-V 9.0 PSP4 Update 3 – Update recommended

About two weeks after the release of DataCore SANsymphony-V 9.0 PSP4 Update 2, DataCore announces Update 3. This is a really short release cycle… DataCore fixed three issues in Update 3. This is an excerpt from the release notes:

Problem: SANsymphony 9.0 PSP4 Update2 failed to update configurations with shared pools on DataCore Servers running SANsymphony 9.0 PSP3, PSP3 U1 or PSP3 U2. Cause: An upgrade script run during installation expected a cmdlet parameter that wasn‟t supported in these versions. Resolution: Updated the script to no longer rely on this parameter.

Problem: A system crash in the storage pool driver could occur when using space reclamation on a virtual disk whose size had been reduced or in rare cases where certain I/O operations associated with space reclamation failed. Cause: An I/O completion routine was implemented incorrectly. Resolution: A code change was made to the completion routine to correct the issue.

Problem: In specific scenarios where a mirrored virtual disk is in an unhealthy condition and is the source disk of an in-progress ESX virtual machine migration, third party XCOPY commands could copy stale data to the destination disk. Cause: XCOPY commands were incorrectly allowed to succeed even though a VM source or destination volume was marked as inaccessible to a host. Resolution: Fail these commands appropriately when the virtual disk is not healthy.

Customers that are still run DataCore SANsymphony-V 9.0 PSP4 Update 1 or an earlier release are highly recommended to update to the latest release. Customers that run Update 2 can take actions to avoid two of the three issues. Customers that run update 2 shouldn’t resize volumes and they should disable VAAI before doint a svMotion. In my opinion both actions will not avoid to update to Update 3. The action can save up to over a certain time window, until the update 3 can be installed.