HP StoreOnce Backup System software version 3.13.0 is available

Since september 2015, the latest version of HP StoreOnce backup system software is available. The latest release 3.13.0 is available for HP StoreOnce VSA, 6500, B6200 multi-node and all single node systems running software version 3.x. This also applies to some D2D 2500, 4100 and 4300 single-node backup systems running software versions 2.x. Make sure that you take a look into customer notice c03729283 for details on performing the conversion.

This release comes with some nice enhancements, e.g.

  • support for jumbo frames
  • 1 TB, 5 TB and 10 TB thin provisioned disks are now supported for the VSA
  • VSA Hyper-V PowerShell Installer script
  • HP StoreOnce VSA Ubuntu KVM bash Installer
  • Single Entitlement page on the HP StoreOnce GUI

Two fixes caught my attention, because I saw both of them in the wild:

  • Fixed issue where running NAS Replication data jobs are cancelled when files on target share are simultaneously accessed (BZ 63232)

I saw this error in environments, where customers used StoreOnce CIFS shares as backup target with Veeam Endpoint Backup together with StoreOnce Replication.

  • Fixed issue where NAS CIFS shares are inaccessible when special characters are in the share description (BZ 62263)

I ran into this issue some months ago and wrote about it (HP StoreOnce: Avoid special characters in NAS share description). I was in contact with the StoreOnce engineering because of this issue. Cool that this has been fixed!

I strongly recommend to update to 3.13.0! You can download the software from the HP Software Depot (make sure that you download the right StoreOnce software for your HW appliance or VSA!). All you need is a HP Passport login. To update the software, upload the RPM into the repository folder on the appliance with SFTP. Login using SSH and execute three simple commands.

# system show repository


# system load package HP_StoreOnce_2700_2900_4500_4700_4900_System_Software_v3.13.0_EJ022-10542.rpm

Command Successful

# system update packages

Verifying staged package repository integrity.
Package stage area verification successful.
Updating from version '3.12.1-1513.3' to '3.13.0-1529.2'.
Reboot will occur after update completes.
Installing update tool packages. Can take 5 minutes to complete.
Installing: D2D_UpdateTools
Install successful
Update tool package installation successful. 0 minutes elapsed.
Updating from version '3.12.1-1513.3' to '3.13.0-1529.2'.
Reboot will occur after update completes.
Verifying status of hardware and services.
Hardware and services status verification successful.
Stopping service sets. Can take 30 minutes to complete.
Stop service sets successful. 1 minute elapsed.
Stopping file services.
File service stop successful.
Starting management service maintenance. Can take 30 minutes to complete.
Management service maintenance started successful. 0 minutes elapsed.
Stopping management services.
Management services stop successful.
Cleaning up old packages
Removing test packages
Installing packages. Can take 60 minutes to complete.
Installing: D2D_Master-3.13.0-1529.2
Processing ... -

The update takes only a few minutes. Subsequently, the appliance reboots.

Install successful
Package installation successful. 12 minutes elapsed.
Removing update tools packages.
Start reboot of the system.
Processing ... /
Broadcast message from root (Thu Oct 29 11:10:13 2015):

System rebooting to complete the update process.
The system is going down for reboot NOW!
Update will complete after rebooting.
Ssh connection will be lost. Allow 15-20 minutes for reboot to complete before reconnecting.