Top vBlog 2015 Contest has started

If you are a frequent reader of virtualization blogs, then you may have heard about the vLaunchPad. It lists hundreds of VMware & virtualization blogs, as well as links to resources and other material. The vLaunchPad is managed by Eric Siebert ( and he organizes year for year the annual Top vBlog voting contest. This year the Top vBlog contest is sponsored by Infinio.

In the 2014 voting my “old” blog was voted on place 292 of 320. I should mention that had only german-language content. In a community, where english is the predominating content language, this result may not surprise. If you are interested in last year’s results, you can find them here. In 2014 I have started, but I didn’t nominated it for the 2014 voting. Instead, I nominated for the Top vBlog 2014 contest. This year the tables turned and I have nominated for the categories:

  • Best new blog (Blog started in 2014), and
  • Best independent blogger (Can’t work for VMware or a hardware/software vendor)

As always all blogs that are listed on the vLaunchPad are included in the general voting. I don’t have a goal for the voting, but a place between #49 and #100 would be nice. ;)

Some short sentences about is the personal blog of Patrick Terlisten. The site has a strong focus on virtualization, storage, networking and IT infrastructure in general. The main driver of this blog is to share knowledge and write about topics, that I think is worth mentioning. The views expressed anywhere on this site are mine and not the opinions and views of my employer or a vendor.

The predominating topics on are VMware, HP Storage, HP Data Protector, networking in general and Microsoft Exchange.

Andreas Lesslhumer ( has created a nice statistic for 2014: Virtualization blogs 2014 by numbers. The statistic is based on the blogs, that are listed on the vLaunchPad. was one of the 28 blogs, that published more than 100 blog posts in 2014. In 2015 I published 13 blog posts so far. But to be honest: It’s not about the number of posts you publish - the content matters! So if you vote for a blog, vote for the content, not the number of published posts or the author.

Check out the Top vBlog 2015 landing page and don’t forget to vote for your favorite blogs! The voting will start soon!