Top vBlog 2015: placed on #133

What a great show by Eric Siebert, David Davis, Simon Seagrave and their special guests Scott Davis from Infinio and John Troyer from TechReckoning! If you missed it, watch the recording!

First, I want to thank Eric for his work. If you read tweets like these, you will get a bad conscience.

This is the seventh year that Eric has organized and conducted the annual Top vBlog contest. He put so much work into this contest and this should be be recognized. I also like to thank the sponsor Infinio for supporting this contest.

2015 was the second year in which I partaken the Top vBlog contest, but was on the voting list for the fist time. I started this blog in 2014 so I was on the “Newcomer” list of the contest. I’m always trying to create valuable content. This isn’t easy and often a draft is thrown to trash. I hope was chosen because of valuable content and not because voters like me. ;) This year’s Top vBlog poll brought us a lot changes. Eric has leaked some details in a blog post short before the announcement:

  • 60% more votes than 2014
  • 30% more blogs on the voting list
  • 7 changes in the top 10
  • 4 blogs in the top 25 that were not in there last year
  • 2 blogs in the top 25 that were newcomers this year
  • 1 blog new to the top 10

Congratulations to…

“Out of competition”: Duncan Epping (VCDX #007) and for “defending” 1st place. Does anyone doubt it? Not really, right? ;) Congrats Duncan!

I am particularly happy for Derek Seaman (VCDX #125). His blog is a gold mine of content and he’s generating more and more (read his vSphere 6.0 series). Congrats Derek, #7 is totally deserved!

Congrats to Melissa Palmer for winning the “Best new blog” category. Keep on blogging, Melissa!

Congrats to Chris Wahl (VCDX #104) for winning the “Best indipendant blogger” category. Reading his blog is always a pleasure!

Also well deserved: Brian Madden has won the “Best VDI blog” category. His blog is an awesome resource if you deal with VDI!<in/p>

Honestly: That William Lam has won in the category “Best scriping blog” and Cormac Hogan in the “Best storage blog” category was no suprise for me. Totally deserved, guys!

I am very happy to see that some bloggers that I have on my reading list, ranked up in the list. You can find the results of the Top vBlog 2015 contest here. Congrats to all participant and thanks again to Eric Siebert!

To make the long story short…

I’m happy and disappointed at the same time. landed on place 133. Not the worst placement for a new blog. But I have missed my personal goal to be placed under the top 100. I’d like to thank all, that have voted for This is a great motivation to work harder and to create more valuable content. Thank you all!