Using on your homenetwork

Many of you might know Pi-hole and use it for blocking ADs. I also used it for a long time in my homenetwork, running it on a Raspberry Pi. A customer of mine then drew my attention to

What is is a censorship-free, secure and redundant DNS resolver without logging, but with an ad blocker.

The server are hosted in Germany. also offers, which offers parental control blocklists and Safe Search for search engines and YouTube.

The main reason for using was convenience. Instead of running Pi-Hole on a Raspberry Pi, my AVM Fritz!Box can use This eliminates an additional server for me, which needs to be maintained. To use with your AVM Fritz!Box just add the DNSv4 and DNSv6 servers to your configuration (“Internet > Zugangsdaten > DNS-Server”). I also enabled DNS over TLS (DoT).

The current config can be found on The current settings are:

IPv6: 2a01:4f8:151:34aa::198
IPv6: 2a01:4f8:141:316d::117
Port: 53

SPKI: m51QwAhzNDSa3G7c1Y6eOEsskzp6ySzeOqy0LKcptDw=
SPKI: Umf7rVNEop498ZxvfrfhiwaD224VhR3NrwVrIOsdftY=
Port: 853
Issuer: Let's Encrypt

Please support this project! You can make donations with PayPal (I already did. :) )