Load Balancing inbound SMTP connection with HAProxy

In my last blog post I have highlighted how HAProxy can be used to distribute client connections to two or more servers with Exchange 2013 CAS role. But there is another common use case for load balancers in a Exchange environment: SMTP. Let’s take a look at this drawing: Patrick Terlisten/ Creative Commons CC0 The inbound SMTP connections are distributed to two Mail Transfer Agents (often a cluster of appliances, like Cisco IronPort or Symantec Messaging Gateway) and the MTAs forward the e-mails to the Exchange servers.

Load Balancing Microsoft Exchange 2013 with HAProxy

Since Exchange 2007 client connections are handled by the Client Access Server role. With Exchange 2010, Microsoft has introduced the concept of the Client Access Server Array (CAS Array). A CAS Array is required, when internal and external client connections should be load balanced over multiple client access servers. Many client access protocols in Exchange 2010 require session affinity. This means, that the connection between the client and a particular client access server must persist.

Install VMware Tools from VMware repository

Today I stumbled over a nice workaround. While installing a CentOS 6 VM, I needed to install the VMware Tools. I don’t know why, but I got an error message, regarding a non accessible VMware Tools ISO. Patrick Terlisten/ Creative Commons CC0 I remembered a blog post I read a few months ago, about a VMware online repository, from which VMware tools can be installed. You can download the repository information here.