Horizon View: Server certificate does not match the external url

Patrick Terlisten/ Creative Commons CC0 Certificates are always fun… or should I say PITA? Whatever… During a small Horizon View PoC, I noticed an error message for the View Connection Server. That’s right, Mr. Connection Server. The certificate subject name does not match the servers external URL, as this screenshot clearly shows. Patrick Terlisten/ Creative Commons CC0 But both settings are unused, because a VMware Access Point appliance is in place.

vCenter Server Appliance as syslog target for Horizon View connection servers

Logging is essential for troubleshooting. VMware Horizon View allows you to configure a SQL database for event logging, and I really recommend to configure the event logging database (I have seen some deployments without). Beside the event logging database, it’s a great idea to configure a secondary log destination. With a event logging database, and logs sent to a syslog, you have two independent log destinations. To configure a syslog destination, login to the Horizon View admin portal and go to “View Configuration > Event Configuration”.