VMware ESXi 5.5.0 U2 patches break Citrix NetScaler network connectivity

This is not a brand new issue and it’s well discussed in the VMTN. After applying the ESXi 5.5.0 U2 patches from 15. October 2014, you may notice the following symptoms: Some Citrix NetScaler VMs with e1000 vNICs loses network connectivity You can’t access the VM console after applying the patches VMware has released a couple of patches in October: ESXi550-201410101-SG (esx-base) ESXi550-201410401-BG (esx-base) ESXi550-201410402-BG (misc-drivers) ESXi550-201410403-BG (sata-ahci) ESXi550-201410404-BG (xhci-xhci) ESXi550-201410405-BG (tools-light) ESXi550-201410406-BG (net-vmxnet3) More specifically, it’s the patch ESXi550-201410401-BG that is causing the problem.